Tech Tips

If you are using windows XP you can try some short cut keys to make your life easier.

Let’s get through some short cut keys today:

  • Open a New Tab – Ctrl tab
  • Closing the Current Tab – Ctrl W
  • Altering tabs – Alt PgUp / Alt PgDn 

Try this for today!


October 2, 2010

By Fahria

Short keys:

  • Maximizing page – Alt Tab
  • To enlarge or make a page smaller – Ctrl + / Ctrl –
October 3, 2010




Tips formatting drives: (Microsoft)

We can easily use the command line to format, which is more effective in the case of virus attack.

Step 1: Go to the Start
Step 2: Go to Run
Step 3: write format h: (the drive letter then 🙂
Step 4: enter
step 5: System may say ‘insert new disk for drive h’, then press enter
Step 6: It will verify the data and start formatting. Then it may say enter for none, then press enter

The system will complete formatting!

Hope that work! 🙂




PDF vs doc file


check this out! Interesting!


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