We have set some specific motto of IT club. For this reason we are concentrating in two different areas, which are described below:

Updating with IT related topic:

    We always keep in mind that the present era is closely related with the efficiency in using electronic device related to ICT. It focuses on updating people on troubleshooting or news related with online applications and devices like computers, mobile, gadgets and so on.  Two groups of people, the research group and web manager group will be working very closely to updating the IT Google site. At present the site is open to only IT club members and eventually we will work on establishing an IT Blog site which will be open to all AUW students. We believe in innovation and modernization.

Learning to use different software or different applications:

    IT club is trying to full fill the demand of society. At present, using softwares like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator or different application like Google or Moodle are editions to one’s quality in different fields. Therefore, our IT club is trying to arrange workshops for these different softwares. For this purpose we have one group called technical group who are working towards the era of technology. Eventually, IT club will move on to online softwares. 

    IT club knows that they have to work with different limitations, still it hopes for the best for the future.




 Amina Akhter, Adviser AUW IT Club

Amina Akhter has been working in the department of Computer Science in Asian University for Women since July 2010. She had her Master degree in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. Since her graduation, she had been working as a researcher in internet education and research laboratory (intERLab), AIT till joining AUW. She has been teaching the students majoring in Computer Science. Apart from teaching she has been working as the Advisor for IT Club (write briefly about IT club activities). Her research interest focuses on but not limited to computer networks, wireless communications, mobile ad hoc networks and the ways in which ICT can be employed to develop the socio-economic infrastructure of the rising countries in Asia.

 Dr.Ashok Keshari, Contributor, AUW IT CLUB

Special Thanks to Dr.Ashok Keshari, former Dean of  Dean of Physical Sciences and Engineering at AUW

He received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) Kanpur, and carried out postdoctoral research at Kongju National University, South Korea. He specializes in Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Sciences & Engineering, Geosciences and Remote Sensing & GIS.

He has more than 20 years of teaching, research and consultancy experience and more than 180 papers publications in peer-reviewed international journals and proceedings. Dr. Keshari has authored/edited 10 books. He has supervised 11 Ph.D., 35 M. Tech. and 34 B. Tech. students from Asian, European and Gulf countries, and carried out 15 outreach education programs.

He has received several scholarly awards and recognitions at national and international levels including from former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, National Academy of Engineering, Institution of Engineers, Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)/NASA, Scientific Committee on Ocean Research (SCOR) and Korean Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF), Outstanding University Faculty, Who’s Who, American Biographical Institute, and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).He is a reviewer of most international journals in the area of hisexpertise and is engaged in a number of premier professional organizations such as the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Association of Environmental Engineering Scientists and Professors (AEESP), International Society of Groundwater for Sustainable Development (ISGSD), Arsenic Task Force-India, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), and theIndian Association of Hydrologists (IAH).

Mr. A M Omar Shehab Uddin Ayub, Contributor AUW IT Club
Former Object Oriented Programming instructor at AUW
He is a PhD student at University of Maryland, Baltimore on Quantum computation. Moreover, he is working as a Graduate Research Assistant at The Erill Lab, UMBC. Previously, he has worked with Cisco Systems. He also has working experience with UNDP as a Short term consultant in area of business analysis of ICT4T initiatives, Nilavo Technologies as a Senior Software Engineer, 1st Bangladesh Code Sprint as a Team Leader while developing a Mozilla FireFox Toolbar Extension for Bangla Input. He is graduated from a very reputed engineering institute Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Bangladesh.

Dr.Agnes Khoo, Former adviser, AUW IT Club
Former Assistant Professor, Social Sciences, AUW

Even though Dr. Khoo is not specialized in IT, she was the first person to lead the students interested in IT to start the club. She always helped AUW IT Club by leading its officers to structure the club and its activities. She also gave her best effort to suggest mentors for the officers. Therefore, AUW IT Club always remembers Dr. Khoo for her efforts.

Dr. Khoo obtained her Ph.D. degree in Sociology at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom and her M.A. in Development Studies at theInstitute of Social Studies in the Netherlands. She received her B.A. degree in Sociology and Social work from the National University of Singapore where she also studied Translation. She taught at the University of Manchester and the Manchester Metropolitan University. She has worked in writing books, monographs, translation works, and journals. Her book, “Life as the River Flows – Women in the Malayan Anti-Colonial Struggle” has been translated in different languages.


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