Utilize 15 GB Free Data Storage in the Google!

Translator- Israt Nisa

You can save your files on the Google web drive. You can “store” computer’s or mobile phone’s information or files in the Google drive, and later you can retrieve the files back by synchronizing. You can store data up to 15 GB for free.

1. Gmail users may take an advantage by visiting the website https://drive.google.com and plugging the ID and your password in.
For, other e-mail users, visit the website https://drive.google.com ; click on “Sign Up” and fill in the cells of the e-mail space below, I prefer.. Address- click e- mail address, thus you can open an account.
2. Click the Google Drive red button, select folder and give a name and press “Create”. Now, you’ve “booked” yourself a space in the Google drive!
3. Select any file you want to save in the drive, click “DONE” and then select “Move to” –“folder name.” You successfully stored your file in the Google drive. Congratulations!
4. If you want to share files in the Google drive from the computer, press “upload” button near to “Create”’s red button to select your file which you want to share. Once the uploading finishes, hit the “Done” tab and then the “Share” tab.

– Md. Rakibul Hasan


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