Setting Timers in Computers during downloads

Translator: Nishat Raihana

People download many big files from the internet. To do that People should be aware of how long the downloading takes and should wait until the download finishes before shutting down the computer. However, running laptops/desktops for a long time won’t damage your computers, instead it will reduce the speed your computer. As a solution for this, you can set a specific timer on your computer such that when a downloading finishes, your computer automatically shuts down.

So how to set the timer in a computer? Tada! Below are the steps:
1) First, right click on your desktop, then click on “New,” and then From “Create shortcut”.
2) A new Window textbox will appear. Write SHUTDOWN -s -t 3600 in the text box. (Instead of the numbers, write the desired time down. Make sure to input time in seconds)
3) Now press “Next” and then “Finish.”
4) A new folder appears in your desktop. That’s where the timer is stored, so if you double click it, your computer will automatically shut down after the set time.

*This system is applicable in any of the Windows system including sita, XP, and 7.

Have fun timer!!!

Source: Prothom-alo


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